A bill that would have required more transparency among homeowners associations was defeated before it even began.

House Bill 2685 would have required HOAs with 50 units or more to post important documents online. These include the "most recent version of the declaration, financial statements, bylaws and rules of the condominium," the bill states. The bill also asks HOAs to post "a copy of the agendas and minutes of any meetings of the association and the board of directors that are open unit owners of the condominium." The bill would not require minutes from any closed portion to be posted.

Though the bill encourages transparency it failed to pass in the House Committee on Technology and Infrastructure by a 6-1 vote last month.

The reason, according to Paul Boyer, spokesman for the House majority, is that the information is already available through the HOAs.

"Homeowners associations are private industries," Boyer said. "It was decided that there was no need for further regulation."

Rob Robinson, president of the Ahwatukee Board of Management, said it would be a monumental task to post documents from the multiple properties they manage, but he said ABM would do it if required.

"The Ahwatukee Board of Management always respects and strictly adheres to state laws regarding HOAs," Robinson said. "We at ABM understand there have been many bills proposed to the Legislature recently regarding transparency for HOAs. We take transparency very seriously at ABM. While it would be a monumental task to post, maintain and continually update 53 CC&Rs, financial statements, etc., these documents are all available to homeowners at the ABM office."

Robinson added that every homeowner is provided a copy of their specific CC&Rs upon purchase of their home.

Ahwatukee resident Christine Doller said her HOA does post documents online.

"We actually use the online vehicle for our own HOA. We get forms off of there; we get information off of there. They post stuff about meetings on there," Doller said. "It's really helpful."

Other residents don't mind either way.

"I don't personally see the problem with that," Kristina Grote said, adding that she might have taken advantage of it.

Boyer said he believes the issue is dead.

"It's highly unlikely it will be brought up again," he said.

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