If you have too much gum in your smile – whether that is because your teeth are too short in length or even if they are the appropriate length – it can be fixed.

The norm of society is that we want to show only teeth and not too much gum. We want to show that perfect smile. BellaVista DentalCare Group is here to help you make the right choice so that you can be confident with your smile.

How do you determine what the problem is?

First, we look at whether there is too much gum in the front teeth, back teeth or both. Then we evaluate the proportion of the teeth. The width to length ratio of the teeth should be ideally 77 percent.

What if there is too much gum on the front teeth?

If there is too much gum on the front teeth, we need to determine if any type of work needs to be done on the teeth. If teeth are healthy, the gum can be surgically removed or lasered. Once the gums are repositioned, a crown may be indicated to cover the root and/or to create the proper tooth length and shape. The other option is to correct the situation it orthodontically, which would push the teeth up by using braces. If teeth are originally the perfect shape and size, correcting the gummy smile by orthodontics is the smarter choice.

What if it’s the front and back teeth?

If the teeth are the ideal proportion, lip treatments or botox treatment to the lip will help cover the gummy smile. Botox treatments to the upper lip will puff up the lip, causing the gum to be covered up. If there is not enough tooth lenghth, botox with crown restorations may be an option. If there is enough tooth structure, botox with orthodontics may be indicated. The least expensive and least invasive of these options is Botox. A dentist can properly evaluate the best option for the gummy smile.

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