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State School Superintendent John Huppenthal explains the ``Common Core'' standards taking effect this school year. But Huppenthal said Wednesday he is not convinced that schools need more money to implement the standards despite claims to the contrary from some others. (Capitol Media Services photo by Howard Fischer)

Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services

The Kyrene Parent Summit will be hosting “A Night of Education for Parents” this Thursday.

Amanda Hamm, prevention services manager for Kyrene School District, said the event is hosted by the Kyrene Parent Summit to engage parents of the district with different topics and concerns they may have during the duration of the school year.

“The group made sure there is a topic of interest for every parent, no matter the age of their child. This is a night where parents can gain information on a variety of topics from understanding the Common Core to communication strategies to teen drug trends — with 16 sessions offered, we have something for everyone,” Hamm said.

During Thursday night’s session, John Huppenthal, Arizona superintendent of public instruction, will give a presentation to the attendees giving facts on how College and Career Ready standards will help not only their children, but the state of Arizona.

He will be giving a presentation on “Understanding the Common Core,” providing a brief overview of what the Common Core Standards consist of, how it is being implemented in the state of Arizona, and will have a question and answer session with parents.

“The goal of the night is to support our parents. Parents are often looking for information and resources on a variety of topics, and offering the Kyrene Parent Summit bi-annually (fall and spring) has been well received. Last fall was our first Kyrene Parent Summit, and we had 80 parents attend with 50 children. It was a huge success, and was planned to be an annual event, but parents really enjoyed it and asked for us to hold a spring night as well,” Hamm said. “We are expecting about 200 parents at the Kyrene Parent Summit on Nov. 7, and already have more than 80 who have registered online. We are meeting a community need with the help of our community partners and sponsors, and it’s wonderful to be able to provide this resource and support to parents.”

The cost for attending will be $5, which includes dinner, childcare and two parent information sessions.

Parents interested in attending “A Night of Education for Parents” on Nov. 7 from 4:45 to 8:30 p.m. at Kyrene Aprende Middle School, 777 N. Desert Breeze Blvd. in Chandler, can register at

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