Protecting and growing Arizona's $12 billion investment portfolio will be Martin Sepulveda's priority as the state's next Treasurer.

Sepulveda is today announcing his candidacy for the office of State Treasurer.

"Arizona is finally seeing the long-awaited economic recovery," Sepulveda said. "As a result, more taxpayer revenue is being generated and there is more money for the state to invest to meet its obligations. Since I'm both a businessman and a former city council member, I have experience managing large government budgets. I bring a unique and valuable perspective to the Treasurer's job. It's crucial that the taxpayer investments are wisely handled and their faith in those investments are well-placed."

Among the goals he has as the state's Chief Financial Officer are: to prudently manage and protect the state's taxpayer investments and monies; to advise Arizona's elected officials on how to accurately meet the state's budget and manage over $12 billion dollars in funds; and continue to create a business-friendly environment that expands Arizona's future economic base.

Sepulveda currently serves as President and CEO of Sepulveda Group, a commercial land development, project management, and entitlement company. Sepulveda's background in both the public and private sector is extensive. He has more than 30 years of Naval Reserve service and is a combat Veteran with numerous tours of duty overseas, including Afghanistan and Iraq.

He served for five years as the senior business development representative at the Arizona Department of Commerce. His keen business acumen then landed him in the private sector, as the southwest business development manager for McCarthy, one of the largest and oldest privately-owned general contracting firms in the nation.

Sepulveda served two non-consecutive terms on the City Chandler City Council – March 1995 to January 2000 and January 2004 to January 2009.

Martin Sepulveda is married to Sheree and has two grown children, Natalie and Marc.

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