Four Phoenix City Council members took an oath on Thursday to serve to the best of their ability, which for District 6 City Councilman Sal DiCiccio of Ahwatukee means keeping a laser focus on streamlining operations at the city to make it sustainable and viable at a global level.

DiCiccio pointed out that in the last few years the city has been making big decisions to increase efficiency and transparency but he has some ways he would like to see the city move from “big decisions” to “big ideas.”

The list included promoting an education cluster downtown by looking at more private universities in addition to Arizona State University; pushing technology not only for city employee operations, but taking a deeper look at what the community needs; improving quality of life by focusing on preservation; protecting the taxpayers from increased fees and rates; helping those who can’t help themselves; bolstering international trade; making citizens the No. 1 priority; limiting government; and putting the bond program back in place.

Many of the ideas DiCiccio brought up are already being addressed by different members of the council and he thanked them for their work so far.

“None of these things were done by one person,” he said. “They were done because we worked it as a team.”

DiCiccio was one of two councilmen reelected for another term. Councilman Jim Waring will continue to represent District 2. Laura Pastor, a former public school teacher and daughter of Congressman Ed Pastor, was elected to represent District 4, and Kate Gallego, wife of State Rep. Ruben Gallego, will represent District 8.

Pastor encouraged those around her to stand and rise like a Phoenix from the ashes to improve Phoenix. Gallego, who became the first woman ever to represent District 8, promised to hire a majority of “dreamers” for her staff and bring light rail to south Phoenix.

The new council members will sit in their first formal City council meeting on Jan. 15.

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