The seed of a partnership was planted last week and all those involved hope it will bloom into something special in the coming years.

Pecos Senior Center members decided weeks ago that they wanted to take on a project that would positively affect the lives of those around them. They just needed to find an idea that really stood out.

Program supervisor Terri Roza read an article to the group and one of the members brought forth an idea that the rest immediately jumped on.

“A woman raised her hand and suggested that we adopt a middle school,” Roza said. “The goal initially was how to give other people the knowledge they have accumulated over the years. Collectively, there is a huge amount of knowledge that is going to die with them if they don’t find an outlet.”

The partnership began with a group of five seniors volunteering to help out at Kyrene Centennial Middle School’s Meet the Teacher Night. They helped out with set up, directions and information for parents who filtered through the school that night.

They see it as a start to what could be something meaningful to both the middle school students and the seniors. And while the overall vision of the partnership is still being fleshed out, there are some basic ideas in place of what they want to accomplish.

“The seniors said ‘we don’t want to be mentors, we want to be grandparents. We want to pass on our stories to these kids,’” Roza said. “the whole idea is to go to the middle school and somehow interact with the kids. Then maybe they come here the following month and interact with seniors here on their home turf and then just see where it goes from there.”

Roza said that right now the senior group has about five to 10 members, but she expects that number to grow significantly when the two parties start to work more closely together.

“They wanted to know how they could make sure that they are doing the best they can in giving back,” Roza said.

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