Mountain Pointe High School hosted its 22nd annual Winter Art Show on Thursday, where Pride students were able to display their artistic pieces for the general public to marvel over.

Visual Arts Department Chair Steve Adams said the art show gives students the opportunity to showcase the work they have been doing throughout the school year.

The artwork put on display consisted of painting, ceramic pieces, photography and computer arts.

“Every section we teach we have examples of what goes on in those classes,” Adams said. “It’s examples from every assignment that we’ve had going on from the beginning of the year to all the way until the end of last semester. Any project is eligible for the art show… all grade levels are represented in the show.”

Some of the students who had their pieces on display during the show also did a brief demonstration for audience members on what type of work they do inside their visual arts course.

About 10 students were able to host demonstrations during the day.

Adams said to get the visual arts students more involved with the show; they try to make it a requirement for students to display their artwork at some point during their high school years.

“One of our department goals in visual arts is to have every student show their work at least once throughout the year, and we expect 100 percent participation in that effort,” Adams said. “It’s a class grade, usually.”

Adams added that it’s atypical for some students to feel a bit shy when displaying their artwork for the first time, but typically students show a sense of pride displaying their creations and are eager to show off their work.

Francesca Olguin, a senior, has been showing eagerness when it comes to showing off her artwork throughout the years, where she has participated with the Winter Art Show since her freshman year.

Olguin had six of her pieces displayed during the show consisting of a series of cloud paintings, a self portrait and a painting she did of her puppy.

She has seen much success participating in the art show winning two first place awards, a “Principal Award” and “Best in Show.”

“I try to do my painting fast. When I do it at home it takes me two to four full days of painting and in class two to three weeks,” Olguin said. “I like putting my stuff up for the whole school to see, and I also like to see everyone else’s artwork. It’s really cool because we get a ton of different art classes here at Mountain Pointe. It’s really nice that we can incorporate all the classes into the display.”

Visit later today to see the list of show winners.

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