As the weather heats up and homeowners get ready to jump in the pool, many are just becoming aware of a new law that may cost them a lot more to replace a broken pool pump.

Title 44 is a new law that took effect in January. The goal of the law is to move Arizona pools to a more energy efficient way of running. The law basically states that residential pool pump motors must comply with new energy efficient standards. That means for most homeowners who need a new pump, the pump must be a variable speed pump, versus the old one-speed pump they may have used in the past. The new pump will be more energy efficient and will ultimately save the homeowner money, but up front it can cost more than $700 more than older pumps.

Local pool companies say even though there is an extra cost, it’s worth it.

“We just installed our own in our backyard so we can use ourselves as a testimonial,” said Jodi Levisohn of Wet Kat Pools Southwest. “It saves us about $40 a month so I’m really excited about that. I want to share those savings with other people.”

The new pumps filter water at a slower pace for a longer time, which uses less energy than traditional one-speed pumps, but because they do have variable speeds they can be turned up to clean at a quicker pace.

Jose Garcia, owner of Barefoot Pools, said the way the system runs creates less wear and tear on the equipment, which can make the pumps last much longer.

“Before people were replacing pumps every four years or so and paying $400 to $600 for the pump,” Garcia said. “Now it’s somewhere around $1,300, but the pump may last 10 years or more. Researchers don’t even know how long the pumps will last because they’re so new, they haven’t seen them break yet.”

Garcia said most homeowners are a little scared when they hear the up-front cost, but once they explain the savings in the long run they don’t have any problem convincing people of moving forward with the new pump.

The new pumps do call for a little more time during installation. Because of the new technology there are more numbers to run and the pumps must be calibrated correctly. Garcia said even if a homeowner is considering installing their own pump they should plan on having it calibrated by a professional, which is usually very affordable if not free.

To help with the cost of the new pump SRP is offering a $200 instant rebate on the new pump motor. The rebate can only be obtained through an SRP certified pool professional. Both Barefoot Pools and Wet Kat Pools are SRP certified pool professionals and both are available to answer questions about the new law. For more information on Wet Kat Pools, call (480) 219-8008. Barefoot Pools can be reached at (602) 546-7665.

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