Administrators at Colina’s Summer Kids Club formulated different patriotic activities for the students throughout the week in celebration of Independence Day.

The activities changed each day: students built a freedom collage and a Statue of Liberty replica, made American flags and created a PowerPoint presentation about what America meant to them. The American flags made during the week were posted throughout the hallways of Kyrene de la Colina Elementary School.

For the Statue of Liberty project, students wrapped cardboard boxes with white sheet paper, colored them to resemble the statue and taped them together. Club leader Nick Griffin also spoke briefly to students about the background of Lady Liberty and how they would construct their replica during that activity.

“A lot of the kids haven’t had the chance to go to the East Coast, so we’re letting them make their own Statue of Liberty to celebrate the Fourth of July,” he said. “It’s something fun for them to do.”

Griffin gave minimal input on how to build the Statue of Liberty because he wanted the students to be creative by themselves.

“I’m always happy to do activities like this for the kids,” he said. “They get to learn a lot about the country, but not only that, they’re learning about team building. I’m letting their ideas come about.”

A majority of the activities were brought about by coordinator Ashlee Golba, who wanted to engage students with each activity.

“We kind of wanted to teach the kids about what Fourth of July means,” she said. “We think of what would be fun for the kids, what they would enjoy, while making it fun for them. This is our way to teach them in a fun way.”

Students who worked on their freedom collages put together an artwork of what freedom meant to them. Golba said students gravitated more toward the Statue of Liberty activity because they enjoyed building and working together.

Club leader Robyn Calderon ran the freedom collage activity and said students drew their own visual interpretation of freedom.

“I give them examples of what freedom is, but we mainly want to know what freedom looks like to them,” she said.

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