Phoenix Sister Cities has selected five participants for the Teach Abroad program. Chosen through a competitive process with more than 70 applicants, the Teach Abroad instructors will live and work in Phoenix’s sister city of Himeji, Japan, from Sept. 1, 2012 through Aug. 31, 2013.

Certified teacher Roxanna Hobbi will be paired with a teacher from Adelaide, Australia, another Himeji sister city, to team teach English in Himeji high schools while college graduates Briana Davis, Sean Tingle, Debra Randle and Cole Schlesinger will work as assistant language instructors to help Japanese instructors prepare English lesson plans in junior high schools.

Through an established partnership with the Himeji Board of Education, Phoenix Sister Cities selects candidates for the Teach Abroad Program who in turn are contracted through the board of education to teach in Himeji junior and senior high schools. The Phoenix teachers live in a western-style apartment complex in Himeji along with Australian teachers and receive a full teacher’s salary for one year with the option to extend their contract for a second year. The teachers are contracted as city of Himeji government employees and receive full medical benefits, vacation and airfare to and from Himeji.

Each spring, Phoenix Sister Cities conducts an application and interview process to find top candidates for the program. Candidates are required to be a Maricopa County resident, fluent in English, at least 21 years old and a college graduate.

For more information about the program, visit or call (602) 534-7359.

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