Phoenix police are warning the Ahwatukee community to be on the alert after a man was seen trying to lure a young boy into his truck Tuesday afternoon.

A witness saw the truck pulled over near Shaunessey and 29th Avenue and the driver speaking to a young boy on the sidewalk around 4:30 or 5 p.m. On Sept. 25, police said. When the witness pulled up behind the truck, the driver sped away.

The boy, a seventh-grader at Kyrene Akimel A-al Middle School, was unharmed. He told the woman who had pulled up behind the truck that the man was trying to offer him a ride. The witness encouraged the boy to get home quickly and call police. When police arrived they were unable to locate the man.

The Kyrene School District sent home a letter to parents warning them about the incident. The driver of the truck is described as an older man with a scruffy beard and dirty face. He was driving a newer silver or tan pickup truck with a temporary license plate.

“Phoenix police took a report but when situations like this occur, they encourage students with cell phones to call 911 right away,” the letter from Kyrene said. “This incident serves as a reminder that we should take every step possible in keeping our children safe before and after school. Please remind your child about steps he or she should take, including never telling a stranger his or her name or giving personal information, walking with two or more people, staying on the sidewalk and going straight to the bus stop and home. These safety steps should, of course, be followed at all times, not just when we’re in a heightened state of awareness.”

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