Cow caught at South Mountain
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A rogue cow that's been stalking around Phoenix South Mountain Park, living off the land and eluding capture for more than a month, has been wrangled and returned to its ranch.

Two freelance cowboys from Buckeye hired by the cow's owner, Marufjon Ahmedov, caught up with the black female bovine on Saturday morning, said Laura Oxley, Arizona Department of Agriculture spokeswoman.

"They tracked her down, roped her up, put her in a trailer, and she went back to the owner," Oxley said. "She didn't want to come in. She was kind of fighting them."

The cow was captured around 7:30 a.m. on Warpaint Drive, north of Knox Road in central Ahwatukee Foothills, according to Lt. Mark Tallman, Phoenix Police Department spokesman.

The cow, which sports a red ear tag, was reported missing from a small farm on the north side of the mountain near 29th Avenue and Dobbins Road on June 29. It had been sighted several times in various Ahwatukee neighborhoods.

Oxley said the cow's owner paid a $25 impound fee to reimburse the Department of Agriculture for the use of a trailer to bring the animal home, and he likely will not face any additional penalties.

"He settled up with us for the transportation charges," she said.

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