Mountain Pointe's math club will compete in this year’s Technology Student Association (TSA) national competition.


Eight students from Mountain Pointe High School’s math club will be heading to Washington, D.C., to compete in this year’s Technology Student Association (TSA) national competition.

Mountain Pointe’s math club is a chapter of Mu Alpha Theta, which is the national high school mathematics honor society, and members of the math club have competed in different competitions throughout the state.

Each has been in the club since their freshman year, and all plan to stay in the club until they graduate in 2015.

“We’re all good at math, so naturally we gravitated toward it and ended up doing really well and it kind of blossomed from there,” Michael Beiley said.

Mountain Pointe’s math club earned a chance to compete at nationals when it placed first in the state competition, which was held at Arizona State University.

Club member Alex Stoken said Mountain Pointe’s main competition during the state contest were Chandler High School and Mesquite High School.

There were two portions to the state competition: an 80-question-assessment test and an essay test where each team had a little over an hour to write five essays.

“For the multiple-choice questions, we were given topics ahead of time to research and get familiar with,” Jibriel Noun said. “What we did was we split it up per person to take on a subject.”

The topics for the essay portion focused on sustainability and how to preserve energy.

During the national competition, each team will compete within three different components: an essay portion about hydraulic fracturing, an oral presentation about transportation infrastructure and a real-life solution on how to construct a bridge.

Stoken said the team spent two days working on the essay portion and finished it before their trip to nationals.

The math club members will head Washington on Saturday, June 28, with one goal in mind: to place in the top 10 in the competition.

“We don’t know how many teams are going and how realistic that is, but we feel really well where we are,” Stoken said. “We’ve had our most successful year ever at Mountain Pointe as far as winning competitions, so I feel confident that if we do our best we can be top 10.”

Other than representing Mountain Pointe and Arizona at nationals, each member is looking forward to visiting different national monuments during the competition.

“I love the monuments and they have always captured my attention,” Stoken said. “It’s the most American place to visit and to experience.”

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