Since 2010, Felecia Rotellini has not stopped campaigning for Arizona attorney general.

“After 2010, Felecia was one of the voices out there that said ‘I’m not giving up,’ ” said Luis Heredia, Rotellini’s campaign manager. “The next day she was signing up to be a speaker in Kingman and in Sierra Vista and taking every chance to build our party because she saw that we need to have a presence and a voice and start building the groundwork for 2014. That’s a test of who she is as a person. She understands elections because it’s about people.”

Rotellini was expected to appear at the monthly Dems and Donuts meeting on June 18 but had a scheduling conflict at the last minute. Instead, Heredia presented a message on her behalf. He said their campaign has already raised more than $1 million, and it’s money they’ll need to fight off attack ads from the other side.

“They are already lining up that Felecia will be Obama’s attorney in the state,” he said. “That’s the way they are going to frame her. … We do know the best argument for that is if people get to know Felecia and what she stands for, they’ll know she is an Arizona Democrat, a western Democrat, and one that understands the issues and can move a progressive agenda but still be a balance and a balance that this state needs. … We need to get people invested in her so she is able to withstand all the negative attacks.”

Rotellini ran against the current attorney general, Tom Horne, in 2010. Horne is facing a campaign finance complaint that stemmed from that run.

Heredia encouraged those present at the meeting to visit and view the videos they’ve created that tell about Rotellini’s history of integrity, experience and as a great candidate. Rotellini has 27 years of experience in private and public law and worked in the state Attorney General’s Office for 13 years.

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