Stanton endorses Sinema

Mayor Greg Stanton endorsed Kyrsten Sinema for congress, Monday, Sept. 10. Sinema said her campaign stands for change in congress.

Allison Hurtado/AFN

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton announced his endorsement of Kyrsten Sinema for Congressional District 9 on Monday.

Stanton joined the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA), the Arizona Police Association, the Phoenix Fire Fighters Association, Mesa Councilman Dennis Kavanaugh and former Tempe Mayor, Congressman Harry Mitchell, to offer support to Sinema.

“It is very apropos that we are having this event surrounded by our outstanding public safety officials from both police and fire,” Stanton said. “Both serving as a city councilman previously and when I worked as deputy attorney general in the Attorney General’s Office, in both instances I had a chance to work closely with Kyrsten and there is no greater champion for public safety in this state than Kyrsten Sinema. I know she will keep that up when she’s representing us in Congress. She understands that great local law enforcement does involve partnership with the federal government. We need advocates in Congress so we can get grants to keep officers on the street and for firefighters in our community.”

Stanton said he has known Sinema for many years and believes she will fight for Phoenix and the surrounding region to help build the light rail and solar and help get Phoenix more Head Start funding and grants to help protect jobs.

“It is fair to say in my experience there is nobody smarter, in this business of public policy and politics, no one that cares more passionately about the issues she believes in,” Stanton said. “I have never met anyone in my lifetime in the business that I’m in, in public policy and city government, I’ve never met someone who works harder than Kyrsten Sinema. That work ethic will go to work for the people of Phoenix and the people of Mesa, Tempe, Paradise Valley and Ahwatukee Foothills. That work ethic is going to make us a greater city.”

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