Greg Stanton welcomed residents to "your Phoenix" during his inaugural address Tuesday at the Orpheum Theatre downtown.

After being sworn into office as the 52nd mayor of Phoenix by former Gov. Rose Mofford, Stanton announced big plans to keep promises made during his long campaign for mayor.

Stanton said his first priority would be forming a new collaboration with Mayo Clinic, Arizona State University, and the private sector to develop a second bio-medical facility in north Phoenix.

The Desert Ridge Bio-science and Technology Collaborative would support Mayo Clinic's continued development of its existing campus. He also mentioned plans for a "Mayor's Futures Forum," bringing Arizona mayors together to champion for education.

So far, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, Flagstaff Mayor Sara Presler and Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild have all agreed to be part of that forum.

Stanton also promised to continue to build downtown, create a diverse and sustainable economy, support local businesses, commit to sustainability, end chronic homelessness in the city, create more transparency in government, support arts and culture, and embrace Phoenix's diversity.

Above all, Stanton promised to remember what his parents instilled in him as a child - that people matter.

"Even when our challenges remain great, our shared sense of optimism for Phoenix and our shared future remains strong," Stanton said. "The promise of tomorrow still pulls us forward... We know we can't do everything, no city can, so we must thoughtfully choose the right path, and we will."

Stanton replaces Mayor Phil Gordon who was first elected in 2003 and was termed out in 2011.

Council members Bill Gates, Michael Nowakowski, Thelda Williams, and newly-elected Councilman Daniel Valenzuela were also sworn in during the ceremony.

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