By Allison Hurtado

Ahwatukee Foothills News

This weekend Ahwatukee Foothills residents will have a chance to do something good for their identity, the environment and the community by participating in St. Benedicts Community Shredding and Electronic Recycling Event.

From 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday, June 4, two trucks will be stationed in the driveway of St. John Bosco Catholic School, 16035 S. 48th St. One truck will be taking old papers to shred and another will be collecting old electronics to dispose of safely.

The event is part of the Parish of St. Benedict’s goal to be good stewards. The event is the culmination of the past two months of working to be better environmental stewards.

“As part of being Christians and Catholics we’re called to treat the earth that we live on with respect,” said Suzanne Percy, development director for the parish. “Our belief system is everything is and was created by God so we’re obligated to take care of it. We know today that we as humans haven’t done the best job. Now it’s time to take notice and do what we can do to make the world a better place and more sustainable.”

The event is open to anyone in the community and the services are done for a free will donation.

All donations will go to Connecting to Serve, a local non-profit that brings groups together to serve the community.

The parish partnered with Shred-It for the shredding service and Westech Recycler for the electronic recycling. All items recycled will be kept out of landfills, which helps avoid toxic chemicals from being released into the environment and also protects your identity from theft.

“As we started talking to people in the community we found that a lot of people have shredders at home but it’s all the other stuff like old computers that have personal information that you’re not sure what to do with,” Percy said. “Those are things you don’t want going into the landfill.”

The process is expected to only take a few minutes. People are welcome to stay and watch their papers be shredded or they can just drop them off and be on their way. It’s about being an active member of the community and doing something good for the earth, she said.

“It really is something we put together for the community not just the parish,” Percy said. “We encourage everyone to spread the word and come be part of your local recycling effort.”

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