When Kyle Pereira wanted to start a band, he got a few of his friends together and things were good at first. But Pereira quickly learned, in his words, he couldn’t just count on himself after more than one group disbanded.

It turns out, Pereira also could count on his cousin, Carl Perera, who also went through a few band breakups.

The Ahwatukee duo started playing together roughly six months ago and things took off rather quickly. They dabbled in cover songs briefly before they decided to focus on their own music.

Pereira, an 18-year-old senior at Desert Vista, raps. Perera, 24, plays the guitar and provides the vocals. Together they’re Kyle and Carl, self-described as pop meets hip-hop and dance, with titles like “Take You Round the World,” “I Should Be Yours” and “Ashley’s Song.”

“We messed around doing silly covers, not for anyone else but for our own amusement,” Perera said. “Then we decided to write our own songs and record them.

“The thing about Kyle and I is that we’re very similar in our music linking, so it’s easy to work together.”

The duo recorded five songs in Perera’s small bedroom at their grandparents’ house in southeast Ahwatukee, with dozens of acoustic foam pads stuck to the walls and ceiling. They also played church festivals and university fundraisers. Pereira and Perera will play at the House of Blues in L.A. on April 6 as part of the all-day Tunes for Tots fundraiser.

“I don’t think I’ve said yes to anything as fast as I did that,” said Pereira, who calls hip-hip/pop artist Jake Miller his top influence. “We want this to be our lives, performing and recording music and having everyone listen to it.”

Pereira and Perera will play a Valentine’s house bash tonight, Feb. 14, in Chandler, 1265 W. Straford Drive, and at Westgate City Center in Glendale next weekend. The shows are fundraisers for the L.A. trip.

The duo says listeners will feel the Valentine’s Day mood in its songs.

“Well, I am a teenage boy,” Pereira said. “A couple people have criticized me because I do songs about girls and never get the girl. But that’s what most of our music is about, getting the girl or showing her we can be the one. We do have that Valentine’s Day feel to it.

“We want people to either get to know us through our music to know that they’re not the only one going through certain situations.”

Making that connection is a major reason the duo landed at Kyle and Carl as their band name.

“Want to keep it as personal as possible and what better way to make it personal than our names,” Pereira said. “All of our music is about getting to know us ... so it’s really personal to just have our names out there.”

Luis Sanchez, the band’s DJ who also handles the business side, calls them KC — in part because he still gets confused about who is who, an issue that was only exacerbated by a joke Kyle and Carl played the first time they met Sanchez.

Sanchez, also known as DJ Voz, was walking by a church Halloween festival in Chandler when he heard Kyle and Carl playing.

“There was pretty much no one else there so thank God he was there,” Perera said.

Kyle and Carl stuck a deal with Sanchez and the group will release two mixed and mastered studio tracks next month. They are expected to hit iTunes by the end of March or in April; the songs also will be available via Xbox Music, Spotify and iHeart Radio, among others.

“When I heard their style, heard their music, that’s what I was looking for to produce,” Sanchez said. “They’re honest, clean, musically inclined and have a lot of passion. There is a lot of potential there and we’re going to hit this next project hard and hopefully it opens even more doors.”

Perera credits Sanchez’s infusion for pushing the duo to new heights.

“We like our home recordings but once our commercial stuff that’s been mixed and mastered comes out, that’s going to take us to a whole new level.

“Honestly, I really saw this as a hobby until DJ Voz came into the picture, and then we started to form a business pathway to maybe making a profit one day. Then these opportunities like House of Blues started blowing up.”

For more information, visit KyleandCarlmusic.com. For free downloads, visit KyleandCarlmusic.com/music.

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