Summit School of Ahwatukee recently launched its middle school camp, Camp Summit, and incorporated Harry Potter as a theme for the following weeks.

Camp Summit goes through June, where students are given different experiences such as a Harry Potter camp and a spy camp.

The camp is still relatively new to the school, being open to students for the past two years, but Matthew Feller, middle school camp supervisor, said the number of participants has grown from four campers to 14.

Feller said that he and his team wanted to give students a camp experience that they would be excited about, so they decided to let them vote on what they would be interested in doing.

During the school year students were able to vote on what they would like to do, and there was a huge interest toward Harry Potter.

It worked out great for both students and supervisors because they both have a passion for the Harry Potter franchise, Feller said.

“Our big focus is on friendship skills, communication and on building positive relations with each other,” Feller said.

The Harry Potter camp offered each student different activities related to the books such as wand building, creating robes, dueling one another and playing Quidditch.

“We try to draw parallels between the storyline, which many of them know well, to some of the challenges of being an adolescent. I think the magical part about Harry Potter is they get to watch Harry Potter grow up in each of the movies and get to see the challenges he goes through,” Feller said. “It gives a really cool aspect to the things that we are trying to teach them.”

Feller and his team built Quidditch hoops and placed them out on the school’s field and students played the game for nearly an hour.

They also referenced the International Quidditch Association’s website and incorporated rules for each match.

Students used volleyballs and gator balls during each Quidditch match and tried to score on the opposing team as they rode on broomsticks.

A student played the snitch and ran from players across the field to avoid being caught.

“They’re excited to immerse themselves in all of it,” Feller said. “They’ve been great through all of it.”

Seventh-graders Brinn Higinbotham and Regan Shipley said they have been enjoying all aspects of the camp.

“We have a lot more activates this year, and a lot more things to do,” Higinbotham said.

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