A businessman from Mesa, Wil Cardon, has brought his campaign for U.S. Senate to Ahwatukee Foothills.

Cardon has made appearances in Ahwatukee twice in the past few weeks, sharing his message of what is needed in Washington. He estimates he'll be back in Ahwatukee at least once a month for the duration of his campaign.

"We have a need for a job creating businessman, Washington outsider, consistent, reliable conservative in the U.S. Senate, and we're just pleading our case for support for that," Cardon said.

Cardon is a third generation owner of his family business. He says his family began in retail petroleum and now, three generations later, they run both large and small companies in petroleum and real estate completely debt free. The experience of working with no debt, he says, makes him a great candidate for Senate.

"I know how to operate in a business environment where leverage is not used to make things better or worse," Cardon said. "You actually have to prove the numbers out and have a viable concept before you do something. I think that's what we need in government right now. We're suffocated with debt."

During a short appearance at an Ahwatukee Republican Women meeting Cardon expressed a need to send a businessman to Washington and not someone like his competitor, Jeff Flake, who Cardon says has never held a job in the private sector. Cardon has never held a job in the public sector.

"I've done a lot on the outside, but not as an elected official," Cardon said. "I was a precinct committeeman and I've helped with a lot of different campaigns. I've gotten involved in a lot of ways so I'm not a novice to the political world, but I've never been a candidate. I'm not a career politician. You can't be a successful member of a failed organization. I think having served in government for the last 10 years should disqualify you more than anything else for running for the Senate."

Cardon is running to replace Sen. Jon Kyl. He says he hopes the people of Ahwatukee take the time to get to know him before they make a choice on who to send to the Senate.

"I hope that the voters of Ahwatukee will come out and find the people they think represent them, and I actually believe they will do that," Cardon said. "I hope they'll come to see me as a businessman, Washington outsider, non-career politician who is consistently and reliably conservative and doesn't change his position based on the office he is seeking."

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