Editor's note: Due to a recent reprinting of the DV track and predictions of heavy rain tomorrow, the 5K for brain tumor research has been postponed until March 23.

Desert Vista High School will be hosting its second 5K run in efforts to support brain tumor research.

The fundraiser has been formulated by the school’s National Honors Society students, who have opened the charity event to all high schools in the Tempe Union High School District to lend a hand.

The fundraiser began as a way to spread awareness about brain tumor research and was founded by former Thunder student Zack Hubbard, who suffered from seizures and underwent brain surgery, said senior Kyle Herrig.

During his last year at Desert Vista, Hubbard organized nearly the entire event at the school while he was vice president of NHS.

“We’re trying to carry it on for him because he’s a pretty good friend of all of us,” said Bomi Johnson, vice president of NHS.

During its inaugural year, the fundraiser gained much success, having more than 500 people participate and raising just over $4,300.

This year, NHS students plan to double that number and feel it is possible with marketing the event to other schools and spreading the word throughout the Ahwatukee community.

“What we did this year, which they didn’t do last year, is we tried to coordinate with different schools so that it would make the event even larger. Our goal this year was to get 1,000 people out there and raise $10,000,” Johnson said. “All of the proceeds are going to research. One of the greatest things that have happened here so far is the coming together of the community, and how all of these other schools were willing to come and help us to make this a huge event.”

NHS students are in the final stages of their commercial, which they will put on YouTube and be viewed by Desert Vista students during morning announcements.

From Desert Vista’s school community more than 600 students, including the entire track and field team and NHS, will be participating in the 5K fundraiser.

The day before the event, NHS will be having a dunk tank during lunch to help “hype” up the event to the student body of Desert Vista.

The Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research will take place on Saturday, March 1, at Desert Vista High School, 16640 S. 32nd St.

Gates will open at 8 a.m., participants will pay a $5 entrance fee, and donations are also accepted.

For more information about the 5K run, visit www.ssbtr.com.

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