A new candidate has joined the race for mayor and is hoping as a political outsider she can make the changes the city needs.

"I looked at the other candidates and didn't feel like any of them were going to do anything to improve the quality of the city," said Jennifer Wright. "There was going to be lots of the same. I see lots of businesses going out of business and I don't want to end up like Detroit, which is basically completely out of business. I believe that my expertise and my leadership as a political outsider and someone without a political vested interest would do well to make the needed improvements in services so we can stop the bleeding."

Wright currently works as an attorney for a family and criminal law firm. Before that she worked for J.D. Hayworth's campaign.

"I'll bring new ideas," Wright said. "We've got people who are recycling the same ideas that are not working for the city of Phoenix. Businesses are going out of business on a daily basis. My principles are growth and opportunities, safety and security and fiscal responsibility."

Wright had a debate recently with Wes Gullet and Peggy Neely. She felt like she differed from the other two on many issues. One issue was Senate Bill 1322, which was vetoed recently by Gov. Jan Brewer. The bill would have required Phoenix and Tucson to seek outside bids for city services that cost $500,000 or more.

"I have been and am in strong support of allowing competition to create growth and improve city services," Wright said. "Neither of the other two candidates seemed all that keen with the idea of having to keep bidding out services for the city of Phoenix, at least not full heartedly."

Another issue was in small business. Wright says she does not believe the government creates jobs, but that private businesses do.

"We need to create a good environment that is open and welcoming to all businesses and encourages growth and opportunities and stop over regulating," she said.

Wright wants people to know she's a native Phoenician, who has experience in policy issues over the past 10 years.

"I have a different perspective on how to solve city problems and it doesn't include pandering to the special interest groups," she said. "If there is a special interest group it's the tax payer, that's my special interest group."

Wright is still working on setting up her website at wright4mayor.com, but she does have a Facebook page and Twitter account. She will join three other Republican candidates in Ahwatukee Foothills for a debate on May 24, which will be hosted by the Ahwatukee Republican Women.

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