Horizon Community Learning Center has been working on the final completions of its newly acquired parking-lot lease that will be opening tomorrow for its family and staff members.

The school has been working since January on accruing the parking-lot lease by placing bids on the area and working in conjunction with parents. The approximate four-acre parking lot is directly adjacent from the school’s facility, and will offer a new solution to the heavy traffic the school experiences during the beginning and end of the school days.

The parking lot will offer more than 233 parking spaces.

Executive Director Betsy Fera said the bulk of the money to bid on the parking lot land came from the school’s Repair and Maintenance Fund, which was allocated for campus projects.

School administration received a total of eight different bids, which were higher than they anticipated being, so they decided to seek assistance from parents.

“Parents said they would be willing to pitch in if they needed to and that’s kind of how our community works. If help is needed we always have parents that are willing to help,” Fera said.

Parents at Horizon accumulated nearly $46,000 in a two-week period to go toward the completion of the parking-lot lease.

Administration wanted to have the money donated from parents to benefit them during their time at Horizon, so they devised an opportunity for parents to lease parking spots.

There were three different parking permits sold to parents: a $191 parking space that would last a school year, a $500 parking permit that guaranteed parents front parking, and a $1,000 parking permit for a parent’s full duration at Horizon.

Out of the 233 parking spaces, the school was able to sell 103 spaces, Fera said.

“From that, we received an overwhelming response, more than what I anticipated. Parents stepped forward and we were able to raise the money to complete the project,” she said. “It’s amazing that our community came together and helped out with this. It was a nice fundraising project because we were receiving money to support the project; our parents received something from their donations.”

Horizon parent Lisa Derr has two children attending the school and said the traffic has been very congested because parents have a small window of time to drop-off students in the morning.

“We are hoping that the new parking lot will help with that,” she said.

Derr purchased a $1,000 parking permit because she feels it’s critical for the school’s success to have additional parking.

“I’m hoping it will reduce the stress in the morning,” she said.

The parking-lot lease will give family and staff members the opportunity to no longer park along Frye Road, which Fera believes would minimize traffic flow during pick-up and drop-off hours.

Horizon will continue to keep its parking agreement it currently has with St. Benedict Catholic Church, and will open its new parking lot tomorrow, April 14.

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