Students and faculty members of St. John Bosco Catholic School (SJBCS) filled the school’s multipurpose room Tuesday morning to celebrate a step into the future of teaching and learning during the school’s Tech Day.

Tech Day encompassed the school’s connect to the future venture, a school-wide technology initiative for the upcoming school term, that will put 144 iPads in the hands of students and teachers across pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.

Funds for the iPads were made possible from the success the school had during its Running with Rosco fundraiser and from a $10,000 grant donated by the Catholic Community Foundation.

Dr. Marie Axman, principal at SJBCS, spoke to students and administrators on how the new technology would better schooling experience throughout the classrooms at SJBCS.

“Connect to the future is about empowering us as 21st century learners. We are finding ways to incorporate digital learning in our classrooms and across all of our learning environments,” she said.

Axman expressed the different goals that would be focused toward connecting to the future: improving academic achievement through a technology-infused classroom, to utilize innovative strategies to the delivery of rigorous and relevant curriculum, and to provide professional development to support critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

“One of the most important pieces is that we are training our teachers to use theses as a tool, and many of our teachers will be going to workshops over the summer,” Axman said. “We are really looking forward to the very exciting applications.”

Scott MacDonald, vice president and general manager of Avnet, spoke to audience members on how technology has shifted the world of education inside the classrooms.

“It’s the evolution that we are seeing where technology and education are starting to crossover with each other,” he said. “Technology has really provided an opportunity for kids to get a better experience, make learning fun, which makes learning easier. It’s provided a better experience for all the students… and helping learning to be more intuitive and more customized in the way they learn as a student.”

Jill Sciarappo, technical assistant at Intel and a SJBCS parent, spoke with students about the different career opportunities in technology and the benefits of the industry as a whole.

Students were given the chance to use the iPads where they used different educational applications from Puppet Pals, NOVA Elements and Virtual History Roma.

They were guided through the applications by Brian Peterson, education development executive from Apple, who spoke about how different generations have evolved through the years from the different forms of education.

“We are using technology here for our students to connect, to collaborate, and to discover. We can’t wait for the next school year to begin, so we can connect to the future,” said Fr. Robert Binta, parochial administrator.

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