It’s spring cleaning time and the city of Phoenix makes it a little harder to find a good excuse to duck the annual chore by providing free bulk trash collections starting soon.

“This is a very very popular program because it’s easy. It gives folks a chance to do some projects like clean up the yard or garage and someone else will pick it up,” said Michael Hammett, a spokesman for the city’s solid waste department.

But picking up 74,000 tons a year of bulk trash citywide is a carefully choreographed process that can easily get off track if people aren’t careful, Hammett said.

The basics are simple:

• Stack trash on the front edge of your property, off the sidewalk.

• Place trash within 5 feet of fixed objects like street lights, mail boxes or utility boxes.

• Put appliances out for collection, but don’t put hazardous materials or appliances that contain refrigerants out.

• Yard trimmings are permitted but lose items like grass clippings should be bagged or boxed for collection.

• Don’t put building materials like rock, bricks, concrete or roof tiles out for collection.

When you put trash out for collection is also important, Hammett said.

“If you put out the bulk trash and it’s not your time, it’s your responsibility,” he said.

Everyone who lives north or west of 40th Street and Ranch Circle can begin placing bulk trash out for collection starting May 29 for collection beginning June 7.

People who live west of 40th Street and Ranch Circle can begin placing trash out June 5 for collection beginning June 14.

For details on the program, visit or call (602) 262-7251.

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