Kyrene’s preschool programs filling up fast

Kyrene’s preschool programs filling up fast

Kyrene School District officials are bracing for a rush of applications for its preschool programs.

“Just weeks into enrollment season, Kyrene School District preschools are filling up fast,” the district said in an advisory to residents. “More than 200 families seeking to register their young learners were online at 6:30 a.m. March 19 when enrollment opened.”

Half a dozen preschools maxed out on registrations within a half hour, the district said.

Over the last two years, the district has put preschool programs in place at all 19 of its elementary schools

Kyrene expanded to all 19 elementary campuses in the last two years, citing the need “to keep up with demand from families who are increasingly interested in early learning for children ages 3-5.”

They’ve even added multiple programs at some schools and for the coming school year will have 28 preschools with the additions of a community preschool classroom at Cielo in Chandler and an integrated preschool classroom at Ninos in Tempe.

“Our community has a significant need for high-quality preschool programs and Kyrene is working hard to meet those needs through program expansion,” said community education program Director Josh Glider.

Glider said parents have many options to consider for their children.

Those options include: Community Preschool classrooms with full-day, half-day and three-day options; Signature Preschool programs that offer unique learning experiences, such as dual language and leadership programs; Integrated Preschool for both children experiencing developmental delays and for their typically-developing peers.

“Families are encouraged to register today, as programs are filling up,” the district said.


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