Pecos Pool

A lifeguard watches over children at Pecos Pool.

Jolie McCullough/Special to AFN

Pecos Pool is in need of lifeguards for the 2014 season.

Each year the city begins hiring 120 to 150 part-time lifeguards in February and this year there are more openings than usual at Pecos Pool, according to Melissa Boyles, recreational coordinator III for the city of Phoenix.

“Pecos has a staff of about 35 and we’re probably looking at hiring between 15 and 18 new lifeguards there so that’s a lot of their staff that needs to be replaced,” Boyles said. “We don’t hire too often in that area because we have a lot of kids that come home from college and work for the summer in that area, but fortunately and unfortunately they’ve moved on with their lives and we have a bunch of openings in that area.”

Boyles said the city is looking for hard-working kids over the age of 15 who can dedicate nine weeks to being a lifeguard at Pecos Pool. The season starts on Memorial Day and ends July 31. Some city pools stay open for an extended season, weekends only, through August. Traditionally, Pecos Pool has been one with an extended season.

“Once we get good staff there we’re set,” Boyles said. “We have a fantastic manager at Pecos who has been managing the pool for over 10 years so she really knows the community and the guests and she really takes pride in teaching and mentoring her staff. It’s just the bodies that we need now and good hardworking kids that can be mentored into great lifeguards.”

Applicants should be prepared to take a 20-hour lifeguard certification course, which the city of Phoenix offers. Teens can apply before they complete the lifeguard course. The certification is good for one year.

Generally, lifeguards will be responsible for watching over the pool and providing basic first aid to guests in need. Those who take an extra course may be asked to teach swim lessons. Boyles said those who don’t know much about lifeguarding will learn all they need to know during the city’s certification course.

Pecos Pool is open Saturday through Thursday, 1 to 7 p.m. beginning Memorial Day. The pool is closed on Fridays. For more information on the pool or to apply, visit and click “Join our Aquatics Staff.”

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