Phoenix PD

Officials are investigating two bank robberies in Ahwatukee.

According to Phoenix police Sgt. Trent Crump, the first robbery occurred at BMO Harris Bank at 48th Street and Warner Road around 8:30 a.m. this morning.

“The suspect came in and was very verbally abusive to two female employees at the counter,” Crump said. “Ultimately in a very threatening manner he went over the counter, knocking stuff off and begins to verbally harass and threaten the employees to the point that a third employee, a male employee, intervened and pushed the suspect away from them because he thought he was going to harm them.”

When the suspect was pushed he fell and it appears he cut his forehead on the left side, on the counter, Crump said. The suspect then fled southbound on foot into the apartment complex just south of the bank.

Police did find blood on a door in the apartment complex but have eliminated that apartment as being involved with the suspect.

“We think he was just going that way to try and hide and check his injuries,” Crump said.

The second robbery happened about two hours later at the Midfirst Bank at 48th Street and Chandler Boulevard.

Crump said the suspect in the second robbery had the same method of operation, though the clothes description had changed. Police are waiting on surveillance photos to confirm if it was the same suspect but they believe it is.

The suspect obtained a small amount of cash from the second bank. He fled on foot eastbound and has not yet been located.

Anyone with any information should call Phoenix Police at (602) 262-6151 or Silent Witness at (480) WITNESS.

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