While many kids are worrying about friends and school, 13-year-old Anivarya Kumar was working on publishing her first book.

The book, “Two Lives One Decision,” is about a girl who is killed by a serial killer. The girl experiences rebirth and in her second life she is able to go back in time to get revenge on her killer.

“I just like watching a lot of mystery movies and my grandpa really likes mysteries so he tells me stories,” Anivarya said. “I just kind of mixed it all together.”

Anivarya said she began writing her book when she was 10, finished it when she was 11-years-old and published it when she was 12. She’s been writing since kindergarten and says it’s always been a passion.

“When I write essays I don’t really get that feeling because there’s no twisting or anything,” Anivarya said. “My book is a mystery and when I write those kinds of things it’s cool to change it up a little bit. You can change it multiple times and it’s just fun to have different experiences in that way.”

“Two Lives One Decision” is 126 pages of twists and turns. Anivarya said it was fun for her to try to keep her audience guessing what happens next. Now that the book is out she’s getting a lot of praise from friends and family.

“One of my best friends came and hugged me and I was so scared but she said it was one of the best books she’s ever read,” Anivarya said. “That made me feel a little more confident about it. It’s a pretty cool thing. I don’t know anyone that has published a book that young.”

While Anivarya wants to continue writing and has plans to start a new book this year, she says her real dream job is to be a neurologist. Writing is something she’ll continue as a hobby, along with piano, swimming, dance and all the charity work she enjoys doing.

For any other kids thinking about writing, Anivarya says it’s something she highly recommends.

“It’s a really nice thing to do because you get lots of readers’ attention,” Anivarya said. “It’s nice to be young because you get lots of opportunities this way. It’s just a good thing to get into.”

The book is available on Kindle and Amazon as an ebook or a paperback and will soon be available on Nook and Apple devices.

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