The Phoenix Police Department made its presence today at Horizon Community Learning Center’s Meet the Teacher Pre K-6 orientation while searching for a suspect who allegedly stole items from his girlfriend.

Lt. Chris Moore said police are in search of the suspect in the immediate area, but that the school was never in any type of lockdown.

Moore said while the suspect fled from police on foot he entered the area of the school grounds from the north and that a perimeter was set up at HCLC, and they completed an interior sweep to make sure the suspect was not at the school.

“We are confident the robber is not in the area, but wanted to make a presence at the school,” Moore said.

A helicopter was also on location to make sure the suspect is no longer in the area.

Police are currently looking at further locations in their attempts to apprehend the suspect, but said they will remain at the school until the first session of Meet the Teacher.

Moore said the suspect isn’t a violent individual and that they never thought there was a threat to the school, but knowing that it was orientation day they decided to make a presence around the school parking lot.

“There was never a direct threat to the school, it was more of a precaution,” Moore said.

Melissa Hartley, director of communications at the charter school, said an email was sent to parents to inform them about the situation and to ensure that everything was under control.

Police will patrol the area during the second session of Meet the Teacher orientation for seventh- and 12-graders, which will be later this evening.

First day of classes at HCLC will begin on Monday, July 29.

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