Ahwatukee Golf Properties (AGP) has agreed to immediately begin watering trees and grass on The Lakes Golf Course and to repay the Ahwatukee Board of Management the money it paid to fill the lakes after several homeowners associations have come together to provide AGP with a cheaper water source for Club West Golf Course. 

The Lakes Golf Course will remain closed at this time.

The cheaper water will come from the same well owned by the Foothills Homeowners Association, which feeds Foothills Golf Club, and will travel through an abandoned water pipe left behind by an old water treatment plant. The water will cost AGP six or seven times less than the potable water it currently purchases from the city for use on the Club West course. That savings is what AGP will use to help take some care of The Lakes, which closed for business in May. 

The agreement still needs final approval from the Foothills HOA, who owns the well, and Club West HOA, who owns a part of the easement the water will travel through, but Robert Pizorno, City Councilman Sal DiCiccio’s chief of staff, said from the conversations they’ve had they feel confident the deal will go through.

DiCiccio is the one responsible for bringing all the HOA groups together. He presented the plan during an Ahwatukee Board of Management meeting on July 15. AGP responded in writing on July 18 that it would accept the agreement to receive cheaper water in exchange for investing some of that savings into taking care of the trees at The Lakes. 

“This is a global issue for Ahwatukee,” DiCiccio said. “What happens to one golf course affects the next one, and the next.”

AGP owns all the courses in Ahwatukee Foothills. DiCiccio said he hopes that bringing all the HOAs together to help one golf course will cause them to work together in the future to protect all golf courses in the area. 

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