Arizona small-business owners are heading to the polls to vote on issues the next session of the Legislature will be, or needs to be, grappling with, if the most important component of any economy is to start producing jobs in a big way.

The National Federation of Independent Business, America's leading small-business association since 1943, annually polls its members on state and federal issues impacting the operations of the enterprises. NFIB then centers its lobbying positions on the results, which are considered by policymakers from coast to coast to be the true voice of small business.

NFIB has 7,500 Arizona members, and their 2012 state ballot asks four questions:

1. Should Arizona adopt a taxpayer bill of rights to limit annual increases in state spending and to allow adjustments only for inflation plus population growth?

2. Do you support legislation that provides tax incentives and public money for specific industry sectors to promote economic development and job growth?

3. Should maximum unemployment benefits be reduced if the unemployment trust fund nears bankruptcy?

4. Should Arizona courts recognize expanded rights of trespassers to sue property owners when claiming harm or injury?

The poll is being mailed, faxed, or emailed based on member preference. Results from the poll will be publicized once a statistically valid sample is reached.

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