The Pecos Community Center is offering new programs to Ahwatukee Foothills residents of all ages.

Of the programs already offered at the center, they will now offer an additional 17 new activities with prices varying from $15 to $100.

The Pecos Community Center has been in Ahwatukee for seven years, and some employees feel the community is unaware of the facility.

Recreation Coordinator II Josh Parnell said one reason for this is the location of the center and the lack of press the center receives.

He believes the new programs will be a great way to get the word out about the center offering fun activities for all residents of Ahwatukee.


Some of the new adult programs the center will offer range from music lessons to physical boot camps to get into shape.

“We have a gentlemen who comes in and actually runs the full boot camp with the participants. They do creative workouts, interval trainings, and strength-based stuff,” Parnell said.

Another fitness activity the center offers adults is From Coach to 5K, which helps them train for any runs they want to pursue in the future.

One of the new activities Parnell is particularly excited about is the Family Camp, where participants will camp in a park with their families.

“In December we will camp in a park where we will have tents, we’ll do a whole camp fire, teach the kids how to roast smores, to set up a tent and the whole bit,” Parnell said. “It’s designed really for the families who have never been camping before.”

To make the Family Camp activity possible, the Pecos Community Center received a small donation from Recreation Equipment Incorporated (REI), which consisted of cabanas, plates and cups and shelters.

College Prep 101, a youth program, is designed for getting high school juniors and seniors ready for the transition of entering college on the right track.

It’s taught by a high school instructor who will work closely with each student who may have rising concerns on what should be completed before college.

“They will get real personalized attention to help them prepare for their SAT and ACT, fill out the correct paperwork to get them into college and for their financial aid,” Parnell said. “For that class we do it over three weekends, costing about $100. A program similar to that runs through a profit company and can be near $1,000 for the same kind of program.”

Kathy Tousek, who will be teaching the unicycle class, approached the center about the idea and they both collaborated to have the class at the center.

Tousek has been teaching yoga at the center for the past five years. She gets help with the class from her two sons, Charlie and Brad, who are formally known as her assistance.

The class will teach participants how to mount the unicycle, holding a steady form, along with being able to ride one.

In addition to advance the progress a little more quickly, the class will assist with strengthening the participant’s core to help with riding the unicycle.

“We thought it was an untapped market, so I thought we would be the one to bring it to the city,” Tousek said.

To register for the new classes offered at the Pecos Community Center, visit their office, located at 17010 S. 48th St., or go to

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