Beginning July 1, the city of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department (NSD) will launch the “Graffiti Free Phoenix” pilot program.

The program involves the area located from 43rd to 59th avenues between McDowell and Camelback roads and includes properties on major thoroughfares. This area was chosen because of the high volume of graffiti removals in the past year.

The city’s team of Graffiti Busters and Neighborhood Preservation inspectors will work together to remove and track the first three graffiti removals at no charge.

Each time the business owner/operator will receive educational materials and free color-matched paint for self-removal. Once the fourth graffiti incident occurs, the enforcement process will begin.

Owner/operators that receive a Notice of Violation (NOV) for graffiti will have five days to remove the graffiti. Citations will be issued if the graffiti isn’t removed within the five days.

At this point, the city’s Graffiti Busters will remove the graffiti and the case will continue through the regular code enforcement court process.

Last month, city staff conducted a “knock and talk” with businesses and homes in the focus area. The response was overwhelmingly positive and owners/operators were receptive to the program.

In support of the pilot program, NSD will help mobilize hundreds of residents across Phoenix in a combined effort to wipe out graffiti in their communities. Volunteers are needed for Graffiti Free Phoenix: Wipe It Out! Day from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, Nov. 3.

To volunteer, visit and type “Graffiti Free Phoenix” in the search bar.

To learn about more about the Graffiti Free Phoenix pilot program, call (602) 534-4444, email or visit

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