There are dozens of TV shows of men buying houses for cheap and remodeling to make thousands, but a group of local women are out to prove flipping houses isn’t just for men. They’re hoping their story could soon be coming to TV.

“We were sick and tired of seeing all these guys,” said Gina Abel. “It’s always men. Have you seen a single flip show that’s only women? We play with millions of dollars. We are the queens of Ahwatukee. I was like you know what, I am so sick and tired of that man’s group. We are going to break through.”

Abel has been flipping houses in Ahwatukee for more than eight years. She took some time off when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, missing the housing market crash, and when she returned to flipping homes she left her male business partners and began assembling her own team with neighbor, Helen Vodickova, her daughter, Jade Abel, and friend, Rachelle Ohton. Together the four purchase homes in a market they know well, seek out the best deals for upgrading the home and sale for profit.

Some time ago the women were approached by a film company that works with HGTV about making a show about their business. Abel, who owns the company, jumped at the opportunity.

So far the women have filmed a “sizzle” or preview of the show and had a crew return weeks later to film a full pilot. The pilot is now being edited and will be sent to HGTV for them to pick up, deny, or show to a select audience.

If the show is picked up, the challenge will be for the women to find houses to flip. The original idea was to follow the women as they transformed one house per episode, but the market for flipping has slowed with less short sales and auction homes available.

Still, producers have plenty to work with following the “Flip Queens” around. The women each have a unique life story. They’re mothers, they’ve got entertaining personalities and they’re sharp business women. At the same time flipping houses is almost a hobby for them as they all have other sources of income.

“It’s about empowering women,” Vodickova said. “We want to show women they can do anything even if it’s in a male dominant field. It’s possible to do this and be successful.”

The secret to their success is their eye for design and a passion for shopping. It’s their good connections that have helped them create magnificent homes for a fraction of the price their competitors spend.

“You can find $500 shoes for $80 so why not a $200,000 home for $100,000,” said Vodickova. “It’s just a different price point.”

The women flip homes exclusively in Ahwatukee Foothills. Right now they have four homes on the market they have recently remodeled and are looking to sell. They’re also interested in purchasing homes that need a facelift. For more information on the Four Flip Queens and their properties, contact their Realtor, Kathleen Milldrum, at (602) 230-7600 or

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