Fencing around the lakes at the Ahwatukee Lakes Golf Course on Friday, June 6, 2014.

[David Jolkovski/AFN]

The lakes at The Lakes are no more.

The heat has hit the closed golf course and the two large lakes on the Lakes property are slowly drying up. The course’s owner, Wilson Gee, announced in a public letter in May that he would no longer be filling the lakes and would transport wildlife in the lakes to another property.

As the lakes are drying, it has forced the homeowners association of the area, the Ahwatukee Board of Management (ABM), to get rid of a small pond the association maintained off Lakeside Boulevard. The pond was being filled directly from the Lakes.

Karen Young, assistant general manager of ABM, said the HOA is transforming the basin into a retention area. It will be replaced with grass and a concrete path from the desert channel leading to the pipes that go under the street to the other side for drainage. Palm trees will be replaced with shade trees.

“It will actually serve the purpose better as water can absorb down and out, if need be, rather than adding water to water and overflowing to street,” Young said in an email.

ABM has also been forced to spend a little more money on security in recent weeks as someone has been placing bumper stickers for the Save the Lakes community group on the contractor’s earthmover and yard signs in the basin. ABM has stated several times that as an HOA, it does not have power to control what happens to the Lakes Golf Course.

Save the Lakes is a local nonprofit trying to stop the redevelopment of the Lakes golf property by enforcing the deed restrictions placed on the land. Pulte is planning on building 250 single-family homes on the land if the company can get consent from 51 percent of neighbors to move forward with the project.

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