In a major grass roots effort, Anna Brennan has joined the race for mayor and is hoping to bring a new perspective to the citizens of Phoenix.

"I decided to run because I looked at who was running and I wasn't happy," she said. "I wasn't happy with politics as usual. I believe we've already seen what they can do for us."

Brennan said she once spent six years trying to get an issue resolved with the city of Phoenix and she believes that experience taught her a lot about how the city is run. She also went through a planning, permitting and liquor licensing process in Milwaukee.

"I have a real comfort level having gone through what I went through," Brennan said. "When I saw who was running and the state of where Phoenix is at I thought I could have a positive impact on the city of Phoenix. Not only do I understand the city workings, I had a small business and I am an immigrant."

English is a second language for Brennan. Her first is Italian and she also speaks Spanish.

When asked what her three goals are for the city, Brennan said she hopes to make government more accessible, make Phoenix more bike and pedestrian friendly and to repeal the food tax. She said she would also move the election date closer to October in hopes of getting more voter turnout.

Brennan collected at least 1,200 signatures by herself. She believes that was the first step in getting to know the citizens of Phoenix. It's something she plans to continue to do if she gets the office.

"I want to know what their goals are so I could deliver that," Brennan said. "It would be an open door policy. People have my cell phone number. People know how to get a hold of me. With issues that have major impacts on neighborhoods, I would bring meetings to their backyard in hopes of having greater citizen input."

Brennan is involved with National Charity League, a mother-daughter philanthropy that volunteers at St. Mary's Food Bank, UMOM and Brighton Garden Retirement Home.

For now Brennan is still trying to raise money for her campaign so she can get more signage and get her ideas out to the public. For more information on Brennan and her campaign, visit

Other candidates include Greg Stanton, Peggy Neely, Wes Gullett, Claude Mattox and Jennifer Wright. Thane Eichenauer did not collect enough signatures but is still running as a write-in candidate.

The election is Aug. 30.

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