The team at Ahwatukee Skin & Laset

The Ahwatukee Skin & Laser team takes a personalized and caring approach in the treatment of all disorders of the skin, nails and hair.

Sarah Neumann is on a mission.

As a MMS-PA-C dermatology physician assistant, Neumann wants to personalized and caring approach in the treatment of all disorders of the skin, nails and hair.

She now has three clinics to accomplish her mission.

Using her savings, Neumann opened her first dermatology office, Ahwatukee Skin & Laser in 2010. The practice has been voted “Best of Ahwatukee” in AFN’s annual poll. 

She branched out to create Natural Skin Solutions, a product outlet and multidisciplinary clinic in Scottsdale, in 2012.  Last August, she started Sun City Dermatology Sun City West.

Neumann’s passion for skin health started when she was a teenager battling severe cystic acne.

 “Having acne shaped how I felt about myself and made me self-conscious, but it also made me more compassionate towards others with any skin condition,” she said.

“I learned through my own experience that the skin needs to mirror the overall health and well-being of a patient,” she added. “You have to treat the entire individual – and not just a symptom – with care.”

Neumann has been a practicing dermatology PA since 2000.

The Wisconsin native pursued her undergraduate degree in community and medical dietetics and psychology, and later received her registered dietitians license.

While completing a medical mission at a hospital in Belize, Central America, Neumann discovered her true love for providing attentive patient care and decided to seek more advanced training.

 After returning to the U.S. and moving to Arizona, she received her masters of medical science in physician assistant studies from Midwestern University.

She employs a full staff of medical providers and MOHS surgeons at the Ahwatukee and Sun City locations while the Scottsdale office is used primarily for retail sales.

The practices offer a full complement of general medical and esthetic dermatology services and specialize in the treatment of skin cancer.

Her services include surveillance exams and preventative skincare regimens, acne treatment plans using natural alternatives to oral antibiotics and topical medications, anti-aging programs and other services to address a broad variety of disorders.

Neumann said she and her providers focus on the best interest of the patient regardless of insurance constraints.

“A patient recently came to us with three skin cancers.” Neumann recalled. “She had been quoted $1,800 for surgical intervention by another provider. We were able to prescribe a highly effective topical chemotherapy prescription that only costs $85.

“She may need minor surgery eventually – but at a more reasonable rate.  She was a single mother of three. We couldn’t justify her spending so much on a condition that wasn’t life-threatening,” Neumann said.

Her practice also advocates for patients with insurance companies when necessary, she added.

To keep up with the latest advancements in dermatology, Neumann said her providers regularly research technology, medicine and products in order to provide a comprehensive care experience and educate patients.

“Education is key. The Food and Drug Administration recently announced that they will be formally investigating the safety of sunscreens with chemicals. This is why we have always recommended sunscreens with titanium and/or zinc oxide as the active ingredient which are safer to use. We keep informed so we can better educate our patients,” said Neumann.

When asked why she chose Sun City West for her newest location, she said, “We felt strongly that Sun City was an underserved population. One in three Arizonans will be affected by skin cancer during their lifetime, and every community should have access to treatment.

“My team is also from the Midwest. We hope our old-fashioned values will shine through with its residents.”

Many of Neumann’s patients credit her service with correcting long-standing problems.

 One mother recalled, “We had visited numerous doctors to try to get our daughter’s skin issues under control, but it only took one appointment with Sarah to see a complete turnaround with our daughter’s eczema.”

Information: 4425 E. Agave Road, Bldg. #9, Suite 148. or 480-704-7546.

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