Mayor Phil Gordon announced his endorsement of Greg Stanton for mayor of Phoenix, Monday, citing Stanton's experience and his vision for the future.

"Just as the city of Phoenix has faced profound challenges during the past eight years, the future holds challenges big and small," Gordon said in a statement. "Continuing the city's economic recovery, improving our schools and keeping neighborhoods safe will require a leader who balances character and vision, determination and passion. That's why it's my pleasure to endorse Greg Stanton for mayor of Phoenix.

"Greg is exactly who we need as our next mayor. We've been friends for many years. Greg is a thoughtful, collaborative, hard-working leader who is truly passionate about building a stronger, brighter future for all Phoenix citizens. As a city councilman, Greg had the right priorities and did the right thing time and again - even when it was the hard thing."

Stanton is now being endorsed by three of the past four Phoenix mayors.

"Having worked with Mayor Gordon for nine years, I am pleased to have his support," Stanton said in a statement. "Together, we worked on many important projects that are shaping our city's future, including bringing ASU and the U of A medical school to downtown Phoenix, and the growing industries of the future - such as bioscience research - to our city.

"It is sound investments like this that will strengthen our city and make it a globally competitive place to live, work and learn. I am grateful for your support - and Mayor Gordon's support - in helping me make this vision a reality."

Gullett sent out an email to supporters calling the endorsement from Gordon another "special interest" throwing out support for Stanton.

"Yesterday, Mayor Phil Gordon announced that he's endorsed my opponent. Why? Stanton's support for continuing the food tax, water rate increases, pension abuse and $3.7 million in taxpayer dollars being used for union lobbying and political work," Gullett said in the email. "In essence, his broad support for the status quo."

Early ballots will go out in the mail next week. The runoff election is Nov. 8.

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