Sal Diciccio

Sal Diciccio 

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton’s press secretary has criticized City Councilman Sal DiCiccio for demanding that three colleagues quit because they’re seeking another political office.

DiCiccio, whose district includes Ahwatukee, recently posted on Facebook that Stanton and council members Kated Gallego and Daniel Valenzuela should resign.

Stanton plans to run for Congress in the seat now occupied by Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, who is running for U.S. Senate. Gallego and Valenzuela are both reported to be planning a run for mayor.

Stating the three officials “must think of the public first rather than themselves while they are job-hopping,” DiCiccio said, “They have each made it clear to the public they no longer want their jobs and want a promotion. Good for them.

“However, they are doing a disservice to the public by hanging on in jobs they no longer want for personal political gain. While they’ve been job hunting, our pension problem has reached unsustainable levels, and the fiscal crisis at City Hall is getting worse.”

Mayoral spokesman Robbie Sherwood said his boss “is fully, effectively and enthusiastically performing his duties as mayor, and will announce the date of his departure at a time of his choosing.”

He noted that former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith did the same thing when he ran for governor in 2014, as did former City Councilmember Bill Gates did when he ran for county supervisor last year.

“It’s disappointing but not surprising to see this hyper-partisan and hypocritical statement come from Councilmember DiCiccio, who remained on the city council for many months after announcing as a candidate and raising money in his losing bid for Congress,” Sherwood said.

DiCiccio said, “Phoenix needs a Mayor and Council who are focused on helping Phoenix through this fiscal crisis, not lining up votes.

“The cycle has to end. We witnessed the same behavior by Greg Stanton when he helped create our last fiscal crisis, resigned for a lobbying job, and only returned after others stepped up to solve the fiscal crisis he created,” added DiCiccio, a frequent critic of Stanton.

“Now, once again, he is out job hunting, determined to leave his mess to someone else. Fine. Time to let his successor get to work,” DiCiccio said.

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