Election 2010

Decision time approaches for Ahwatukee Foothills residents who plan to vote in the Nov. 2 election. The Ahwatukee Foothills News has compiled candidate information on several notable state and local races.


U.S. Senate

• (I) John McCain, Republican

Bio: McCain has served in the U.S. Senate since 1987. He served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1983-1987, and in the U.S. Navy from 1958-1981.

Campaign: Address is 1702 E. Highland Ave., Suite 101, Phoenix. Call (602) 604-2010, e-mail info@friendsofjohnmccain.com or visit www.johnmccain.com.

• Rodney Glassman, Democrat

Bio: Glassman is a former Tucson city councilman, former legislative aide to state Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Tucson), and serves as a Judge Advocate General officer in the U.S. Air Force Reserves.

Campaign: Address is 1027 E. Washington St., Phoenix. Call (888) 997-4429, e-mail info@rodneyglassman.com or visit www.rodneyglassman.com.

• David Nolan, Libertarian

Bio: Nolan helped found the Libertarian Party of the United States in 1971.

Campaign: E-mail info@nolan2010.org or visit www.nolan2010.org.

• Jerry Joslyn, Green

Bio: Joslyn is a former journalist, National Guardsman, editor, and PC direct marketing business owner.

Campaign: E-mail joslynaz@gmail.com or visit www.joslynforsenate.com.

Arizona Governor

• (I) Jan Brewer, Republican

Bio: Brewer assumed the governorship in January 2009 after then-Gov. Janet Napolitano resigned mid-term to become Homeland Security Secretary. Brewer was Arizona Secretary of State at the time, and previously served in both houses of the state Legislature.

Campaign: Call (602) 633-4JAN or visit www.janbrewer.com.

• Terry Goddard, Democrat

Bio: Goddard has served as the state's Attorney General since 2003 and was a four-term mayor of Phoenix.

Campaign: Address is 1001 N. Third Ave., Suite 1, Phoenix. Call (602) 254-6342, e-mail info@terrygoddard.com or visit www.terrygoddard.com.

• Barry Hess, Libertarian

Bio: Hess is vice chairman of the Arizona Libertarian Party and is a currency trader.

Campaign: E-Mail hess4Governor@Gmail.com or visit www.HessForGovernor.com.

• Larry Gist, Green

Bio: Gist is a mortgage broker/real estate agent, who previously served on the Special Olympics Arizona board of directors.

Campaign: E-mail media@Gist4governor.com or visit www. gist4governor.com.


U.S. House of Representatives, Congressional District 5

• (I) Harry Mitchell, Democrat

Bio: Mitchell was elected to the U.S. Congress in 2006. Formerly, he was the mayor of Tempe and a school teacher.

Campaign: Address is 5016 S. Ash St., Suite 104, Tempe. Call (480) 398-4548, e-mail info@harrymitchellforcongress.com or visit www.harrymitchellforcongress.com.

• David Schweikert, Republican

Bio: Schweikert is the former Arizona State Treasurer and has represented Scottsdale/Fountain Hills in the state House of Representatives.

Campaign: Address is 4110 N. Goldwater Blvd., Suite 201, Scottsdale. Call (480) 302-4872, e-mail david@david10.com or visit www.david10.com.

• Nick Coons, Libertarian

Bio: Coons owns RedSeven computer company in Tempe.

Campaign: E-mail contact@nickcoonsforcongress.com or visit www.nickcoonsforcongress.com.

State Senator, Legislative District 20

• (I) John McComish, Republican

Bio: Running unopposed for the state Senate, McComish is now serving his second term in the state House of Representatives where he is Majority Whip.

Campaign: Address is 4463 E. Desert View Drive, Phoenix. Call (480) 215-8508, e-mail info@jmccomish.com or visit www.jmccomish.com.

State Representative,

Legislative District 20

• (I) Rae Waters, Democrat

Bio: Waters was elected to the state House of Representatives in 2008 and has served for 12 years on the Kyrene Elementary School District Governing Board.

Campaign: Call (480) 322-3462, e-mail Rae@RaeWaters.com or visit www.raewaters.com.

• Jeff Dial, Republican

Bio: Dial is executive vice president of his family company, Dial Chemical Inc., and is a veteran of the U.S. Army Reserve.

Campaign: Call (480) 361-5633, e-mail jeffdial@jeffdial.com or visit www.jeffdial.org.

• Bob Robson, Republican

Bio: Robson previously served in the state House of Representatives from this district but was termed out in 2008. He owns an insurance agency in Chandler.

Campaign: Call (480) 786-0809 or e-mail brobson@381.coxatwork.com.

Constable, Kyrene area

• (I) Jon Levenson, Democrat

Bio: Levenson was elected constable in 2006.

Campaign: Call (480) 238-5651 or e-mail jhlevenson@cox.net.

• Brandon Schmoll, Republican

Bio: Schmoll holds securities, real estate and insurance licenses.

Campaign: Address is 15010 S. Fifth Ave., Phoenix. Call (602) 492-3450 or visit www.voteschmoll.com.


(2) comments


No "bio" of Jon Levenson is complete without mentioning that he may be facing criminal charges for his incompetence in his first term in office.

Jon Levenson has been censured 6 times by the Constable Ethics board. He is the only incumbent Constable to have ANY censures, let alone 6.

Brandon Schmoll has done a great job of documenting Jon Levenson's incompetence on his website.

All Democrats and Independents should check out Brandon's website prior to voting for Constable. Public Safety is not a Partisan Issue.

Oh, and the bio of Jon Levenson forgot to mention that his primary qualification for the job was that he used to be a cage fighter.


For more information about local and national candidates, as well as information on ballot propositions, judges, and school board races, all voters are invited to go to www.LD20GOP.com and download our comprehensive voter guide.

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