Several pet waste collections bins like this one at 40th Street and Ahwatukee Drive in central Ahwatukee Foothills are due to be removed. The Ahwatukee Board of Management is asking dog owners to take their dogs Ari Cohn/AFN

The Ahwatukee Board of Management has decided not to remove dog waste bins from Ahwatukee Foothills sidewalks after receiving many comments from residents in the area.

The group that acts as a homeowners association for about 5,100 homes in central Ahwatukee voted to remove dog waste bins in November after their current dump site demanded an extra charge for the waste. The board planned on leaving bags for residents to pick up the dog waste, but asking them to take it home to their own garbage cans.

Before the plan was implemented and after two months of comments from residents, the board found a new solution to be able to keep collecting the dog waste, said Rob Robinson, president of the Ahwatukee Board of Management.

The HOA had been combining the dog waste with scraps from landscaping and taking it to a dump site in Chandler. Now the dog waste will be collected and taken to the HOA's maintenance facility where it will be picked up weekly by a different private company.

Robinson said the board was glad to be able to find a solution to the problem without any extra cost.

"We received a lot of comments from the public," Robinson said. "They let us know they really depend on these bins."

The bins, which fill up weekly, are located on public walking areas from 36th Street to 40th Street and from Ahwatukee to Knox drives.


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i pick up i pac
i pick up i pac

I found this item at

it carries the poopy baggie until you get to your trash bin.


[smile] There is a great professional pet waste removal company that serves Ahwatukee and the entire Phoenix Arizona metro area. You can find them at They have cleaned HOAs for over a decade now and are one of the longest running professional scooper companies in Arizona. They also supply communities with the best priced pet stations and bags.

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