A coalition of East Valley chambers of commerce, including the one in Ahwatukee Foothills, has weighed in on a half-dozen ballot propositions in the Nov. 2 general election.

The East Valley Chambers of Commerce Alliance has chosen to endorse:

• Proposition 106, the Arizona Health Insurance Reform Amendment, which would prohibit any law or governmental rule that compels residents or businesses to participate in any health care program. It also would allow residents and businesses to contract directly for lawful health care services without being penalized or fined.

"The EVCCA opposes requiring employers to purchase health care insurance for all employees," according to a statement by Heather Bernacki, spokeswoman for the Dorn Policy Group, which represents the chamber alliance.

• Proposition 107, the Arizona Civil Rights Amendment, which would prohibit the use of affirmative action in public employment, public education and public contracting.

"The EVCCA supports merit-based procurement selection," Bernacki wrote.

• Proposition 110, the Arizona State Trust Lands Question, which would allow the state to sell or lease state trust land without advertisement or auction. It also would allow the state to exchange state trust land for other public land. The intent is to protect military installations from incompatible uses on adjacent state trust lands.

"The EVCCA supports land uses around military installations and airports in Arizona that advance the mission of those facilities," according to Bernacki.

• Proposition 112, the Arizona Signature Filing Amendment, which would require that initiative petitions be filed at least six months before the date on which the measure will be voted on. Under current law, initiative petitions must be filed at least four months before the date on which the measure will be voted on.

"By increasing the filing deadline for initiatives from four to six months, the EVCCA believes this proposition will give the Legislature the opportunity to consider alternative proposals and the public additional time to consider the impact of citizen initiatives," Bernacki wrote.

• Proposition 113, the Save Our Secret Ballot Amendment, which would guarantee the right to a secret ballot vote when a group of employees is electing whether to unionize.

"The EVCCA supports voting in secret without fear of intimidation or retribution," according to Bernacki.

Additionally, the chamber alliance announced its opposition to Proposition 111, the Arizona Lieutenant Governor Amendment, which would rename the secretary of state's office to lieutenant governor, beginning in 2015

"In addition to giving no consideration to independent candidates, the EVCCA believes this proposition deprives Arizonans of the ability to independently select their State ‘clerk' because of the Governor/Lieutenant Governor ticket provision," Bernacki wrote.

The chamber alliance took no position on Proposition 109, the Arizona Hunting and Fishing Amendment; Proposition 203, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Initiative; Proposition 301, the Arizona Land Conservation Fund Transfer; or Proposition 302, the Arizona First Things First Program Repeal.

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