The Kyrene School District is considering selling an empty parcel of land near Club West at 13th Avenue and Chandler Boulevard.

The district has owned the nearly 11 acres of land for some time, but because of budget constraints they haven’t been able to do anything with it. Now, district administration has plans to ask the governing board to move forward with a Request for Proposals to sell the land.

The governing board will discuss the issue with administration during a Study Session meeting on Tuesday, April 23.

“Originally we were looking at leasing the property, but one of the purposes for why we thought we could make a good lease off of it is because there were some apartment builders that may have been interested in building on there,” said Jeremy Calles, district CFO. “We’ve talked with the city and they don’t believe that they’ll be able to get the density approved to get apartments on that land. Now it’s looking like it might be a better decision just to sell the land.”

Calles said there has already been some interest from developers wanting the land. They’ve received about a dozen inquiries.

Calles said the district will follow up on those and post a solicitation for all inquiries once they get approval from the governing board to move forward.

While the governing board will determine the exact criteria that district staff will use to select who it will sell the land to, obviously the district is hoping to get the most money possible, Calles said. The district has seen some tough budget cuts in the past few years.

The Kyrene School District also owns 28 acres of land near Interstate 10 between Ray Road and Chandler Boulevard. Calles said once they finish selling the parcel of land near Club West they may look at sending out an RFP for that land.

There has been significant interest in that land so Calles speculates the district may be able to lease it. Administrators have not made any recommendation to the governing board yet whether to sell or lease that particular parcel.

“We’re being very methodical and thoughtful, and working on this one project (Club West) right now within the realm of everything else we’ve been working on,” said Nancy Dudenhoefer, community relations manager for the district. “This is a budget balancing strategy. It’s part of our budget process.”

The Study Session on April 23 is a public meeting, but is not meant for public comment. It’s a chance for the governing board to have a public discussion with administrators or experts they ask to attend. It will take place at the Kyrene District Office, 8700 S. Kyrene Road, inside the governing board room, from 6 to 6:45 p.m. It will also be streamed online at Just click “Governing Board” on the home page.

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