Ninety-five Horizon Honors High School students graduated on Wednesday, ready to embark on the next journey of their lives.

Of the 95 students, 76 percent will go to a university, 21 percent will start at a community college with plans to move on to a four-year institution, 2 percent will join the workforce, and the remaining 1 percent has enrolled in a technical school.

The students received many accolades and scholarships in their final year, and the previous years as well. One of the most significant accomplishments is that 100 percent of seniors will be graduating. Combined, those seniors received almost $9 million in scholarship opportunities.

Meera Kumar was the valedictorian and will be attending Washington and Lee University in Virginia. She was one of the top scholarship winners, racking up over $600,000, and was one of two National Merit Scholarship winners produced by Horizon. The other was Riley Fitzgerald, who was also a U.S. Presidential scholar semi-finalist.

The salutatorian was Mehran Navabi, who will be attending the University of California at Berkeley.

Wednesday night’s ceremony took place at Sun Valley Community Church, 6240 S. Price Road in Tempe.

Other notable graduates include Boys & Girls Club of the East Valley Youth of the Year Adrianna Henderson; Mikaela Bledsoe-Downes, who will be playing Division I Softball at Georgetown; and Alyssa Singh, who is committed to playing Division I Tennis at Sienna College in New York.

Singular graduates who received the most amount of scholarships include Riley Fitzgerald, who won $571,196; Corina MacIsaac, who received $749,384.00; and Arielle Santacruz, who brought in $391,140 in scholarships.

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