Thieves burglarized at least five cars and trucks in a central Ahwatukee Foothills neighborhood overnight last Wednesday, smashing windows and stealing thousands of dollars worth of stereo equipment, according to victims.

Stefanie McDaniel, a personal trainer who lives on Alta Mesa Drive, northwest of 44th Street and Elliot Road, said she discovered the thefts on Thursday morning after a neighbor knocked on her door and informed her that several cars, including her own Nissan Titan truck and her boyfriend Mike Rosenfield's Subaru Legacy, had been ransacked.

McDaniel said the thieves smashed windows on each of their two cars, rifled through all the papers and contents, and removed stereo equipment from her truck worth about $6,000. She said the custom parts were only insured up to $1,000.

"My whole custom stereo system. They got everything out. They ripped my seats up and everything," she said.

Sgt. Mike Todd, a Phoenix Police Department spokesman, said the incident is under investigation.

"There isn't any suspect information that we've received yet," he said.

Her truck's alarm system had been disabled and did not sound the alert, she said.

"They obviously knew how to cut the wires," McDaniel said.

The thieves damaged Rosenfield's dashboard attempting to remove part of his sound system, as well, she said. Two other neighborhood cars also had windows smashed, and a fifth car's doors were left open, she said. One of those neighbors reportedly lost a wallet, and another lost a stereo system, too, she said.

McDaniel said she's lived in her current home for more than a year, and it's the first time she has ever had a crime issue.

"There haven't been any problems at all since we've lived here," she said.

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