Wedge and Bottle
Krista Daily uses a wire to cut some cheese into smaller blocks and prepare it for sale. Krista owns Wedge and Bottle Cheese Shop with her husband Troy. The couple have done intensive cheese training in Portland, Denver and San Fransisco. Allison Hurtado/AFN

A new cheese and wine shop in Ahwatukee Foothills, Wedge and Bottle, is hoping to take Phoenix back to a simpler time with all natural, quality ingredients and the fun of shopping for and enjoying cheese.

“We’re definitely a cheese shop. That’s what everything centers around,” said Troy Daily, who owns and runs the shop with his wife, Krista. “We’ve got couture cheese and specialty meats. From there we have our wines and unique beers and wines by the glass. We also have cheese plates so people can come in and get a snack. It’s more of a specialty grocery restaurant.”

Troy and Krista say they got the idea for the shop from their travels and seeing other shops like it in other cities. Such a specialized shop is rare in Phoenix but the Dailys believe there’s an American cheese movement forming and this is a good time and a great location for it.

“We live right here in Ahwatukee so we definitely believe in this part of town and this community,” Troy said. “We see possibilities around here. People in the Ahwatukee area are involved with food and what they eat.”

The Dailys have been preparing to open the shop for more than a year and doing training in different states on cheese and wine. They’ve toured dairies in San Francisco, Portland and Denver, as well as dairies in Snowflake and Buckeye where they get a few of the cheeses that are in their shop.

“Basically over this past year, since we decided to do this, we’ve been ordering cheese and looking for anything local we could find,” Krista said. “We’ve been doing a couple of these intensive training courses to try and learn all we can. Really, the more I learn about it the more I learn how much I don’t know about it. There’s a lot of history there and a lot to learn.”

As the couple got closer to opening Krista sat down with a list of more than 200 cheeses she wanted to carry. Eventually she had to bring it down to about 75. They plan to learn the community’s favorites and keep those in stock and then keep a rotation going with the others so there will always be something new to try.

Many of their cheeses come from Chicago and a distributor out of Minnesota who provides international cheeses. The duo says they’re always checking out local farmers markets for new local products. The Dailys rely on their distributors and their own experience to find the best wine and beer that pairs well with the cheeses.

Overall, Wedge and Bottle is meant to be a place to relax. Anyone is welcome to come in, sample some cheese, sit down with a glass of wine or a beer and enjoy a cheese plate for a snack. Of course with 75 cheeses to choose from it can be a tough decision, but the Dailys have tried them all and as the only employees in the shop they’re always there to help.

“We just want people to kind of enjoy the experience of shopping for cheese or just take a time out and have a snack,” Krista said. “We love talking about cheese and wine and beer. We could talk all day. We love when people are interested but we also know not everybody wants to know everything about cheese — and that’s OK, too.”

The shop is located at 4025 E. Chandler Blvd., Suite 44, next to Trader Joe’s. They’re open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and are closed on Mondays. Visit them online at

“It’s a culinary adventure,” Troy said. “The great thing about it is not only the quality of the products but cheese is just simple. It doesn’t take many ingredients to make cheese. You can worry about the fat content or this or that but No. 1, you’re not eating that much and No. 2, it’s made from pure ingredients that you would be able to recognize on the labels.”

The two plan to have a grand opening June 25 with wine tasting and cheese samples. They’re hoping to eventually host weekly or monthly wine tastings and pairing the wines with cheese.

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