Mom realizes dream, opens Burn Boot Camp here

Tammy Opfer wanted to opened up her own business as an inspiration for her daughter Teagan Post, 9, and son Caleb Post, 12, and she got her wish when she opened a Burn Boot Camp on Ray Road and 46th Street, Ahwatukee. (Kimberly Carrillo/AFN Staff Photographer)

A mother of two realized her dream of becoming a small business owner over the weekend as she opened up a Burn Boot Camp in Ahwatukee.

Tammy Opfer opened the fourth Burn Boot Camp in Arizona at 4625 E Ray Road, Suite, D3.

Opfer said she identifies with busy women and wants to help them become the best they can be for themselves and their families.

She said after her children were born, she found herself not in the place physically she felt she should be.

Thinking of son, Caleb, 12, and daughter, Teagan, 9, she decided, “I wanted to leave a health and wellness legacy for them.”

As her children grew older and headed to school, she entered “corporate America,” but that became more stressful.

Yet, this experience propelled her into owning her own Burn Boot Camp franchise, joining the current 243 locations nationwide established since the North Carolina-based company began franchising in 2015.

“Last year proved to be a very challenging year at my job. It was filled with countless re-orgs and downsizing amid merger talks,” she said

“I was saved, but my job transitioned to a new area, and the new leadership was difficult,” she said.

“I knew I needed to move on and contemplated what I really wanted to do at this stage of my life, what legacy did I want to leave for my children?” she added. “So, I left corporate America to pursue my dream of owning my own business.”

Opfer said Burn Boot Camp “has a profound effect on everyone who goes through it.”

Its mission is “to empower women through a community focused on mindset, burst training, strength training and organic whole nutrition.”

Each camp or class involves a circuit-style, 45-minute workout composed of different styles and 20 different formats.

The workouts change regularly to keep the body from getting stagnant.

“Here you have 45 minutes of an intense and varied workout, yet you’re in and out,” Opfer explained. “And every member gets unlimited focus meetings with our head trainer one-on-one where you can talk nutrition or anything specific to you.”

Each Sunday, the Burn Boot Camp App, Instragram account and Facebook (Burn Boot Camp Ahwatukee) page posts the week’s scheduled programming. By design, the Burn Boot Camp program never uses the same muscle group two days in a row.

“What I want people to know is that these are unlimited 45-minute camps, no reservation needed,” she explained. “And we offer complimentary child-watch for ages 12 weeks through 12 years, and that’s child-watch, not childcare; there’s no diaper changes or feeding.”

“And we offer personalized nutrition and focus meetings to help you meet your goals,” Opfer said.

Until May 14, Opfer is offering a special of $30 for 30 days.

Information: and Facebook or 480-744-9800.

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