Ever wonder how good football players are at other sports? The Pecos community Center will give you a chance to find out as players from the Arizona Cardinals take on Loco Patron in a charity basketball game to benefit Robert Tate's Foundation, Giving Back as well as community center teen.

The game will begin at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 26 at the Pecos Community Center, 17010 S. 48th St.

Loco Patron, the community's own basketball team, will include Fabien Spensor, Joe Brown, Travis Brewer, Michael Martin and Gabriel Green. They will take on Robert Tate, Dominique Cromartie, Martay Jenkins, Bertrand Berry and Michael Bankston from the Arizona Cardinals.

Robert Tate, former wide receiver for the Cardinals, pu the NFL team together for the event. Tate said he does events like this often to try and give back and raise money for his foundation.

The Robert Tate Foundation, Give Back Reach Out and Touch Somebody, was established to help children with learning disabilities. "We all go through stuff and so we decided to write a book to help these kids," said Tate, who suffered with dyslexia as a child. "Now we use it for teaching and motivational speaking."

Tate admitted he didn't know too much about the team he will face, but he has confidence in the Pecos all-star team.

"Normally we play against firefighters and police and they're out saving lives and protecting us so they don't get to play all the time but this is an all star team so it'll be a good team," said Tate. The team is one of the top teams among the Pecos Community Center's men's basketball league.

The players will be available for autographs during half time.

Tickets for the event are limited. They cost $5 and are on sale at the Pecos Community Center or online at http://phoenix.gov/PARKS/classprog.html. Click "Culture and Recreation," then "Sign up for a Recreation Class," and enter the code 75434.

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