It took a mystery illness in her 3-year-old daughter to turn Ahwatukee Foothills resident Susan Gray Adams to a more holistic way of living and reducing stress. Now after years of studying and practicing holistic healing she’s turning to Facebook to reach more people and teach about natural ways to improve overall well being.

In 1999 when her daughter became sick and had a lump in her throat, Adams said she didn’t know what to do. Doctors ran some tests, tried a surgery, and became convinced the lump was a tumor. Somehow Adams knew it was something else.

“It was almost like God or the Universe or a higher power got a hold of me and shook me,” she said. “I really did change from that moment. I realized I could lose my child. So I began to research alternative ways of healing.”

Adams met nutrition experts and massage therapists, and eventually began practicing massage in Texas. After years of building up clients in Texas she and her husband moved to Phoenix. From there Adams attended the Southwest Institute for Healing Arts and learned about polarity and hypnotherapy. Now, she works with clients out of her home on spiritual counseling and wellness coaching.

“You can’t take away jobs, traffic, kids and stress of life,” Adams said. “I have stress too and can get upset at times and react, but what I do is recognize I’m reacting. I feel how it feels to my body. It doesn’t feel good. I can think of ways to relax and let it go and not focus on what happened last week.”

Adams has studied “The Four Agreements,” a book by Don Miguel Ruiz. It teaches to be impeccable with your word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions, and always do your best. These four agreements are worked on one at a time to help reduce stress and live in the moment.

Originally Adams planned to work on these four agreements in a small group of women with existing clients, but in order to reach more people and create a larger community of support she decided to put the group on Facebook. Adams will host the Ahwatukee Woman’s Stress Reduction and Wellness Group. Her goal is to post small articles and assignments for group members to try and then plan meetings once a month for those who are interested.

“It’s not going to be a meet up at a bar and have a drink kind of thing,” Adams said. “We might meet up for dinner once or twice, that’s fine, but in the group we’re really going to be more about support and discussion… It’s about bettering ourselves and basically releasing stress.”

The group is intentioned for those seeking peace, health and happiness. It won’t be as personal as the sessions she does from home, but she hopes that members of the group will find simple ways to change their own lives.

“I love the fact that I love my work and have a passion for it,” Adams said. “When I see someone leaving a session and she’s bubbling over and smiling, it’s very rewarding.”

For more information on Adams, find the Ahwatukee Woman’s Stress Reduction and Wellness group on Facebook or email Adams can also be reached at (480) 414-5999.

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